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Candy Stripes


Our work is guided by a mission, vision and set of core values.

Our Mission

We use practical and proven knowledge to promote the mental health of helpers and helping professionals.

Our Vision

A world where all helpers and helping professionals feel whole, happy, and mentally healthy.

Shared Knowledge

In learning from one another, we have the opportunity to grow and flourish.

Experiential Learning

When it comes to good mental health, we must bridge the gap between theory and practice.


We engage in ongoing learning and unlearning and reflect on our impact as white settlers on unceded land.

Meaningful Connections

We thrive on connection. Our relationships with one another make us stronger.

Hopeful Actions

It is not just what we think or believe, but the actions we take that make a difference.


We create products and experiences that we believe in, and that support our mission and vision.


We do the work to make sure that everyone who wants to be included is included.

Courageous Curiosity

We construct brave spaces where people can feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them.


We do our best to identify and remove structural barriers to participation.

Structural Justice

We challenge and seek to dismantle unjust systems that uphold oppressive worldviews.


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