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Mental Health Training and Consulting


We are a small business driven by the things we care about. All of our work is guided by our values and our commitment to making a positive difference in the world.


We use practical and proven knowledge to promote the mental health of helpers and helping professionals across the country. We work with employers to customize and deliver training on a variety of topics, all with the mental wellbeing of your staff in mind.


We work with large and small businesses, non-profit organizations and regional institutions. While our clients are diverse, they all have one thing in common: They care about the mental wellbeing of their employees.

Peaceful Reading


Molinny Mental Health Training and Consulting was lovingly created by a duo of Registered Social Workers. We saw a need for more training and support for helping professionals, and we aim to fill that need through customized training and support packages built for workplaces of all sizes. Our vision is a world where all helpers and helping professionals feel whole, happy and
mentally healthy.


"LOVED Malorie's facilitation style. You can really tell that she cares about the material as well as what everyone in the group has to say. I would HIGHLY recommend this training to anyone interested in supporting their community's mental well-being."

MHFA Training Participant



Have a question about one of our training packages? Interested in booking an initial consultation? Reach out- we want to hear from you.

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